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Tortuga "Moonshine" Apple Pie Cake

Moonshine, cake and apple pie - what else do I need to say? This cake is amazing! As soon as you bite into a slice of this Tortuga "Moonshine" Apple Pie Cake you'll be transported to an alternate universe.

These cakes are made from secret family recipes dating back over a hundred years. And this moonshine apple pie cake pays homage to old traditional recipes loaded with flavor.

The cake combines the delightful sweetness of a homemade apple pie with the smooth and savory taste of moonshine. Enjoy it at anytime although the spices make for a cozy feeling during the cool crisp times of the year.

And when I say these cakes are moist, I mean really MOIST! Each 16 ounce (454g). The Tortuga "Moonshine" Apple Pie Cake is vacuum sealed in a thick plastic bag that keeps it fresh and moist for a very long period of time.

These great spirited cakes come in three flavors, "Tennessee Whiskey" Spice cake, "Kentucky Bourbon" Butter Cake and "Moonshine" Apple Pie cake.

These cakes are best when eaten within twelve months of purchase but can be refrigerated or frozen to prolong their shelf life without changing their amazing taste or quality

  • 1. Warm a slice of butter cake and serve with vanilla ice cream.

    2. Sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve with fresh fruit or berries.

    3. Serve with fresh cream along with fruit such as kiwi, strawberries or raspberries.

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