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Jack Daniel's Jukebox

Double your nostalgic fun with two iconic brands in one great music maker. This Jack Daniel's jukebox is made by Rock-Ola with bubble tubes on the side and has rotating illuminated Jack Daniel's pilasters on each side. Your friends will love looking at and listening to it.

Bubbles of air perk along in the four bubble tubes creating a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors. Relive the 50's while watching the changer flip the music right in front of you. These days they're CD's of course, not 45 records

The design is definitely retro and vintage with the Jack Daniel's Cartouche Old No.7 Brand logo etched into the front glass. The digital jukebox also features exotic wood veneers creating a high quality jukebox that meets the high quality standards set by both, Rock-Ola and the folks at Jack Daniel's.

The sound quality of the Jack Daniel's bubbler jukebox is great thanks to the Peavey Electronics system boasting a whopping 1,600 watt power amp and five speakers. It also includes LED lighting and bluetooth technology with remote control.

Order this Jack Daniel's jukebox and hang on for your ride back to the future!

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Jack Daniels Jukebox:
  • Officially licensed Jack Daniels jukebox
  • Capacity of 100 CD's in the magazine
  • Phillips compact disc player with self adjusting laser
  • Five speakers and 1600 watt power amplifier
  • Dual Graphic equalizers
  • Connections for external speaker setup in either single zone stereo or dual zone mono
  • LED lighting and Bluetooth technology
  • Jukebox measures 60" H x 33.5" W x 26.75" D
  • Bubbler jukebox weighs approximately 287 pounds