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Jack Daniels Whiskey Cake and Coffee Whiskey Mug Gift Set

The Jack Daniels Whiskey Cake and Coffee Whiskey Mug Gift Set just may be the perfect solution if you're looking for Jack Daniels gift ideas for friends or family.

After all, who doesn't drink coffee or love whiskey cakes? These Jack Daniels Tennessee whiskey infused cakes are as good, if not better, than those you can make yourself.

Moist, flaky and yes, they contain genuine Jack Daniel's black label Tennessee Whiskey. You'll get a whiff of the angels share as soon as you open the package. Choose from any of the three wonderful flavors of pecan, vanilla or chocolate whiskey infused cakes.

The Jack Daniel's coffee mug goes perfectly with the whiskey cake. What better way to enjoy the whiskey infused cakes than to sip some Jack Daniels coffee out of this classy looking ceramic coffee mug.

But this is just one of several Jack Daniel's gift ideas we have put together for you. See our other Jack Daniels gift sets, perhaps you'll find something you like even more.

Pair the great coffee mug with a tasty Jack Daniel's cake and some Jack Daniels coffee for your morning breakfast and your day is off to a great start.

Jack Daniels Whiskey Coffee Mug and Whiskey Cake Gift Set:
  • Officially licensed Jack Daniel's Whiskey Coffee Mug and Whiskey infused cake
  • Tennessee Whiskey infused cakes come in Pecan, Vanilla and Chocolate flavors
  • Hefty diner mug with a large thick handle
  • Jack Daniels and Old No.7 Brand Logo on both sides
  • Whiskey Coffee mug is approximately 4" high
  • Jack Daniel's Whiskey Cake is 10 ounces of pure joy