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Nashville "Premium 51 Brand" Iron Needle Hoodie

Description We're sorry but this Premium 51 hoodie has been discontinued. See more Nashville shirts and hoodies here.

Nashville Premium 51 Brand Iron Needle Hoodie in long sleeve with hand warmer pocket. These are one of our highest quality hoodies and everyone loves the feel of the thermal type material.

The front area boasts a great Nashville Tennessee Music City logo in off white and red on the indigo body color. The hoodie logo also features "Willie Nelson Museum" above and below the main logo.

These are long sleeve thermal knit type material made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Look closely at the pictures to see the reinforced maroon colored "Iron Needle" series stitching made famous by the Premium 51 brand produced by EMI sportswear. The contrasting red stitching can be found along the cuffs, neck, waistband, hoodie and sides.

Nashville Premium 51 Brand Iron Needle Hoodie:
  • Premium 51 Brand by EMI Sportswear
  • Feature large Nashville Tennessee Music City logo on chest
  • Logo also features Willie Nelson Museum in the design
  • Garment reinforced with "Iron Needle" stitching
  • Has hoodie along with hand warmer front pocket
  • Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester
  • A great, comfy long sleeve hoodie when the weather is a bit cool

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