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Tortuga "Tennessee Whiskey" Spice Cake

Words can't describe how tasty and moist this new Tortuga "Tennessee Whiskey" spice cake is but you're taste buds will certainly realize it once you indulge yourself in a piece.

Taste a piece and you'll immediately be immersed in a tantalizing explosion of complex flavors produced by the spices and  of course, hints of that great Tennessee whiskey!

When I say these cakes are moist, I really mean MOIST! Each 16 ounce (454g) Tennessee Whiskey spice cake is vacuum sealed in a thick plastic bag that keeps it fresh and moist for a very long period of time.

The spicy aroma is almost overwhelming (in a great way!) the first time you cut into the bag to begin enjoying these great cakes.

These great spirited cakes come in three flavors, "Tennessee Whiskey" Spice, "Kentucky Bourbon" Butter and "Moonshine" Apple Pie cake.

And they can all be refrigerated or frozen to prolong their shelf life without changing their amazing taste or quality

  • Sugar, enriched bleached flour, (wheat flour),water, whole eggs, egg whites,vegetable oil (corn, soya bean),non-fat dry milk, modified starches (potatoe, wheat, corn), Ginger, Beer concentrate, Tennessee Aged Whiskey, leveling agents,(baking soda, baking powder), natural spices, natural flavors, natural texturizers (gum arabic, xanthum gum, guar gum, sodium alginate), natural color (Caramel), Sorbic acid (preservative.

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