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Willie's Remedy Coffee - Medium Roast

Willie's Remedy coffee makes a "Willie" great way to start your day!

Well it's finally here. Willie's Remedy coffee selected with care prior to roasting. then this wonderful brew is unfused with certified organic full spectrum hemp oil grown in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Willie's remedy coffee in the medium roast contains after tones of toasted marshmallows and graham crackers creating the perfect pick-me-up blend. This balancing of ingredients creates the perfect harmony between the coffee's natural uplift and the relaxing qualities of the hemp oil.

Willie's Remedy coffees are infused at a ratio of approximately 1mg of CBD per 1g of coffee. Each 8 ounce bag of coffee contains 250mg of CBD.

To brew Willie's coffee we suggest using 1/2 ounce of Willie's Remedy per 8 ounces of water. Choose a French press or similar devices. But, don't use paper filters as they have a tendency to absorb the hemp oils.

The amount of grounds used during the brewing process will affect the CBD dosage. An average serving contains approximately 15mg go CBD.

Willie's Remedy Coffee (Ground):
  • Made with certified organic, full-spectrum hemp oil
  • American made and grown in Colorado
  • Each bag contains approximately 250mg of CBD
  • Coffee is infused at a ratio of 1mg of CBD per 1g of coffee beans
  • An average serving contains approximately 15mg of CBD