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Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Whiskey Cake

Wow, where do I begin? Customers in our Nashville store just can't get enough of this moist piece of food heaven called the Lynchburg Whiskey Cake. Taste them and you will agree!

Like our Lynchburg praline pecans this cake is made 45 minutes away from us in Lynchburg, Tennessee - home of the world famous Jack Daniel's Distillery. And since we're not only a large volume customer but close by as well, we always provide you the freshest cakes available at the lowest prices.

It was only natural for the makers of this great cake to include their neighbors hometown Tennessee Whiskey in the very secret 150 year old recipe they use to produce each cake. That's right, each cake includes some of that famous Jack Daniel's Black Label Tennessee Whiskey.

So when your package arrives and you open it, put it real close to your nose. Then, sniff and savor the angel's share aroma as it rises from the bag. And don't feel guilty, I'm sure the angels will understand!

Each package contains an incredibly delicious 14 ounces of cake. And as a bonus, you get FREE SHIPPING on all US orders over $75!

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